”You have won our hearts, and I wanted to say thank you for all you do! My son comes home full of creativity and joy after every morning we spend with you. I adore your space and generous, kind spirit. Many thanks and love to you!”
— Tina J. Tasoulas
”Hammy(and I) had such a wonderful time on Monday! Thank you for sharing this beautiful space with us ❤”
— Jamie Lucille Sperry‎ 
“This little lady LOVES Blue River Forest School! Today she wanted to go barefoot like Ben but told me that Kelly is still her special one <3”
— Amber Vigil

”At Blue River Forest School hugging chickens, eating, and getting ready for a bonfire. Kelly Daniels, her sons Ben and Sam, and their program are such a blessing to our community and children. So thankful for her and her family.”
— Rebecca Adkins Goulart

”Because Kelly Daniels is super fun, and so are her chickens, we keep going back!! If you haven’t checked out Blue River Forest School, you’re missing out! It is a great blessing to Kansas City families!”
— Rebecca Adkins Goulart
“Thank you Blue River Forest School for a fun afternoon! The boys had a wonderful time and are so happy to be dirty and wet from exploration and mapping today.”
— ‎Laura Broers FitzSimmons‎
“My kids and I have really been excited to be a part of the Blue River Forest School. It has been such a great experience every time we go and they always have new games and fun activities for the kids. Sam and Emma are so great at keeping everyone engaged and my kids are proud to tell others about what they learned—like how to heal a booboo with plantain and how delicious henbit is to eat. Even though we have our own forest to play in at home, it is a new experience to enjoy at forest school, and so much better to enjoy it with great people! I love watching how people open up to each other by the end of each event, and you end up feeling like part of a tribe. Not only have the kids benefited, but for me the tipi women, potlucks, dreamcatcher and medicinal herbs classes have been wonderful and inspiring. We look forward to coming every time, and I would love to get the kids out more for the evening classes, or even better, to see a homeschool nature adventure become a regular event!”
— Beth Allison Wickerson‎
“We had so much fun with you guys today! I highly recommend Blue River Forest School for any curious kids and families. It’s beautiful, the teachers present and the curriculum well developed. We will be back for sure!”
— Meghan Arthur
“Our whole family loves forest school. No two experiences there have been the same as there is always some new part of nature to explore or another skill to learn while we practice what we were taught already. We all look forward to going and have so much fun we don’t want to leave. The teachers are amazingly talented and caring individuals that are great with teaching all ages. Blue River Forest School is a great place to connect/reconnect with nature and learn new about the natural world around us.

When we came to Blue River Forest School we found a beautiful place to enjoy nature and learn more about the land and animals. We also discovered a community of beautiful souls that lift up your spirit. How I always dreamed my children would grow up, surrounded by nature learning to care for and love all things interconnected in the web of life.”
— Meghan Hoopmistress Snyder‎
“Just wanted to share my thoughts with all who may be interested in attending classes here. This school is a gem in the Kansas City area! The wonderful people that run this school are a gift to all children and adults alike. They are so well versed in the outdoors and have the passion and land, to share it with others. There is so much new scientific research backing the theory that children need nature and outdoor education and play. Kansas City needed a school like this and the area is so blessed to have one now. My family attended many classes/events here and came out better as a unit because of it. Not only was it high quality family time but also helped develop our sense of self and the living world around us, both mentally and academically. As a biologist and now a WA state resident, I highly recommend taking advantage of this gem of a school. It is one of the many things I truly miss about the area and feel like I am missing out on. I cannot wait to return to KS and attend with my family and hang out with the owners again. They are the kindest, coolest, most compassionate, and informed individuals in this arena, in my experience. Love love love them and love this school! I miss you all...”
— ‎Kimberly Glock‎
“My family loves forest school!!! I am a mom of four boys, and every bit of help is much appreciated! They learn so much mindfulness, survival, and fun. I also see and feel the love Sam has for my kiddos and that warms my heart. If there is any chance we might have to miss class because baby is sleeping or someone is sick, boy, are there tears. We genuinely look forward to forest school every week!
With much love and appreciation ❤️”
— Natalie Millard‎
“I took my 10-year-old out to Blue River Forest School over Christmas break. Not only did he get to try things he’s never done before, like starting a fire, Sam taught him interesting things about wilderness survival. We observed hawks, looked at animal tracks and just felt completely relaxed and in tune with our natural world. As we were driving out, we saw a coyote running through the field. It stopped to look at us. I saw this as a positive sign that we had reconnected with a part of our lives that we’d neglected for some time. It made both my son and me smile. Blue River is a wonderful outdoor program that helps kids reconnect and retreat from our busy day-to-day lives. We can’t wait to visit again!”
— Christa Melnyk Hines‎
“My Kids just love being out in Nature. Since we live in such a busy environment here in KC, this is the perfect place to reconnect to nature as an adult, and teach kids how to respect and connect to nature themselves. I love love love this program.”
— ‎Kezia Shine‎
“Dear Blue River Forest School (Sam, Ben, Emma, & Kelly)
Every Tuesday for the past month or so I race to my son’s school to be the first in the car pick-up line to grab my little Indigo child and get him to forest school on time! It is his favorite part of the week and his favorite part of being ‘at school’!
Kids are free to be kids here; as well as adults are free to be kids here. It is a place to help us all remember who we really are. Tear away the physical outer world and connect to our inner selves and the earth we live on. Forest school always reminds me that we are all connected.
Our family feels so blessed to have you all in our lives providing this place for connection and growth to occur. We are so blessed to be a part of your tribe!!
Thanks Blue River Forest School!
— Kristen Thomas & Brodie Thomas (aka Mac n’ Cheese)
“My kids have such a great time at forest school, and I love that they are outdoors. We gave my oldest son the choice of doing either forest school or soccer, and he quickly chose forest school over soccer without a second thought. Thank you so much for sharing your land and your time and experience with us - I greatly appreciate it! Our backyard is too small for much exploring, neighborhoods just don’t facilitate meeting up and running around through everyone’s yard like they did when I grew up, and in the parks, etc. we have to stay on the trails - so it is so great seeing the kids get to really explore outdoors and appreciate nature in a more intimate way.”
— Tia Blank‎