Our Story

Kelly Daniels along with her sons Sam and Ben Daniels started their journey with their passion of Nature Connection 15 years ago in Oregon at a family nature program called Coyote Trails School of Nature. Kelly wanted to help other people have these experiences. They have all been both instructors and facilitators at Blue River Forest School as well as Coyote Trails School of Nature.

Kelly Daniels (Director, Facilities Manager and Instructor) is a Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides & Programs. She is certified in Wilderness First Aid. She has been a professional photographer for over 25 years and has an extensive background in the arts with a bachelors in Art and Photography. She facilitates circles, photography and art classes and nature programs for children. She has been the founder and owner of The Kelly Gallery Gardens for the past 25 years, designing her 10 acre garden oasis for her photographic art of families as well as weddings and retreats. She created the Celebration of Love for special needs people after being inspired by her sister Lori, who has downs syndrome and her sister’s 30 year relationship with her boyfriend, Miles, also with special needs. She is currently creating the Blue River Forest Nature Sanctuary, a non profit for Nature Connection - Restore, Explore, Create. She has trained in Reiki and will be collaborating with healing centers doing Forest Therapy walks such as Centered Spirit Healing, Akasacare Integrative Medicine and Surgery, Jade Bamboo Acupuncture, Align Chiropractics, Angels Insight, and Parkville Life Center. Kelly’s greatest passion is to connect people to nature, help them facilitate their own healing with the forest and animals and the power of love.

Ben Daniels (Co-Director, Experience Coordinator, Instructor) is certified in Wilderness First Aid. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist and studies in Psychology and Elemental Reiki Energy Medicine. Ben loves assisting people in living their passion, especially if based in Nature Connection.

Sam Daniels is also certified in Wilderness First Aid and facilitates healing circles and nature retreats. He is currently getting his bachelors in Elementary Education.

“This school is a gem in the Kansas City area! The wonderful people that run this school are a gift to all children and adults alike. They are so well versed in the outdoors and have the passion and land, to share it with others. There is so much new scientific research backing the theory that children need nature and outdoor education and play. Kansas City needed a school like this and the area is so blessed to have one now.”
— Kimberly Glock