We are in the process of Obtaining a Non-Profit status.

We are in the process of creating a Non-Profit for our forest experiences that we provide for home school children, public schools, organizations and private groups. We provide day camps and forest therapy experiences for all ages including the disadvantaged and socially excluded children. We work with organizations such as the Down Syndrome Guild Of Greater Kansas City as well as ADHD and autistic children. We believe in integrating all children together in our experiences and providing space where they can feel acknowledged and safe. We facilitate these nature experiences on private land where the Chief of the Blackbob clan of the Shawnee Indians last resided before their reservation was closed and treaty was broken. A place chosen by the Chief as a safe sacred place to pray where two creeks come together to form the headwaters of the Blue River that winds all the way though the city and reaches the Missouri River. This land has been dedicated for the purpose of bringing back the joy of nature connection to the children which in turn brings back joy to the valley. We honor the understanding that we are indeed all connected.

We also have an outreach program that goes to Native American reservations and takes families on adventures on their land with awareness activities and experiences that teach about the wild edible and medicinal native plants their ancestors once used in a common sustainable practice. Anyone can schedule a group to come out for their own experience as well as one on one nature mentoring with our certified Forest Therapy guides and highly trained outdoor education staff.

We also always welcome volunteers to help with the camps. These camps are for all people. We exclude no one and provide the experience to everyone regardless of their financial situation.

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