The Kelly Gallery Gardens of Promise

Gardens of Promise is a place for educational and therapeutic experiences within the gardens!

Acknowledging every individual in our garden community circles. Fulfilling the need to be heard, supported and loved through the healing power of nature and the arts. 


  • Learn how to garden at home, on an allotment, in a community setting.

  • Learn to access their own structured horticultural therapy programs.

  • Learn to develop the ability to mix socially and make friends.

  • Learn practical skills to help be more independent.

  • Learn more skills, such as initiative, co-operation, patience, concentration as well as numeracy and literacy skills.


  • It can help rebuild a person’s strength after an accident or illness, and can provide a purposeful activity for someone coping with a difficult period in their life.

  • It can lift moods and help people to connect with others, reducing isolation by forming friendships and improving communications skills.

  • People can learn new things, gain qualifications in horticulture and improve skills such as initiative, co-operation, patience, concentration as well as numeracy and literacy skills.

  • Gardens provide restorative environments and getting outside promotes recovery from stress and helps restore the ability to focus attention.

  • Using gardening as a safe and secure way to develop someone's ability to mix socially and make friends, and to learn practical skills to help them be more independent is now a proven therapy.

  • Gardening improves physical and mental health and could lead to volunteering with other organizations, qualifications in horticulture which people can do with us and ultimately a job.

Dedicated to Christine Hermes.


I thought a lot about how I wanted to honor you, Christine and what you would really like. So Im dedicating my gardens to you. Gardens filled with children, laughter, forest school, yoga, circles of women and men. A place for you to watch over and do your work from The other side. A place where all your friends and family can come to find peace. It will be a sacred forest space for healing.

We will be integrating our special needs, animal therapy and music programs in the gardens as she was an avid horse rider, a lover of her goats, an archer, and also has a son, John who is an amazing musician in partial because of his gift of not being able to see.Christine was my best friend who recently died within 6 months of being diagnosed suddenly of cancer.

Christine always sent me little quotes of inspiration. One of the last she sent to me before she knew she was sick went like this:

"A miraculous healing awaits this planet once we accept our new responsibility to collectively tend the Garden rather than fight over the turf."

I have to say,  that Each and every day of her life Christine tended the garden. 

She tilled the soil of life - with love. 

Always planting flowers even when there was a lot of crap being spread around...

Knowing that the crap was there to fertilize the seeds that needed to grow. 

She chose to shine brightly on the garden, knowing that, like the sun , it was what was needed for the flowers to reach up through the darkness and thrive. 

She walked the garden with honor and respect for all of life , all of nature , all people, even walked the sometimes uncomfortable places, knowing the blessings  in it all and the vital role that uncomfortable places have in life. 

 When I held Christines hand in the hospital and I told her I'd be back when I had to leave. She would always say "promise?"

Promise ? 

She said it so often,  I realized how important promises were to her and I wanted to honor her life with some promises... 

I promise you, Christine,  to tend the garden with gentleness, grace and loving kindness as you did.

For you, I promise to also GROW a garden 

Rich with honey bees you always wanted,

With flowers of every color, 

Waving gently in the wind 

As you pass by

I promise to walk with you each day and let you know that I know

You're  still. here. 

I promise to sit with circles of women and listen to your kind words of reassurance whispering in my ear as you hold them up and love them with me. 

I promise to grow healthy food and make magical meals to feed people the way you did. 

I promise to love 

Your precious family who you dedicated your life to.

I promise to be your voice,

When you whisper words of encouragement they might not hear

I promise to find peace in my heart the way you always wanted for yourself..

I promise to keep others smiling

To honor that beautiful smile you always shared.

I promise to be  an example of strength

Whenever others fall weak. 

And find my strength when I fall weak. 

 I promise to forgive

 as you have forgiven. 

I promise to spread love to all I meet. For in truth it’s all that really matters. 

And Wherever you are,

 I promise to see you again . 

I promise 

Just as you asked me to...

Holding space for miracles and love,

Kelly Daniels