Wild Foraging Experience - Sunday, May 19th - 3pm-5pm


Wild Foraging Experience - Sunday, May 19th - 3pm-5pm

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Sunday, May 19th - 3pm-5pm


Wild Foraging Experience

Sunday, May 19th - 3pm-5pm

During the Wild Foraging Experience you will learn several plants as well as their medicinal and edible properties. Plants in this local area that you will begin to develop a relationship with! The overall theme is always connection with the Earth. That which sustains us. The experience is hands on as we will be immersed in Nature’s embrace for the entire three hours. All of this will essentially lead to a respect for the earth and a harmony with the earth. The benefits are innumerable.     

Experience Goals / Benefits:

  • A deeper connection with the Earth

  • A knowledge and utilization of various plants

  • Self confidence / Self empowerment

  • A sense of autonomy and freedom - Peace

  • Caretaker mentality, the ability to  live in harmony with the earth.

 “I have made a satisfactory dinner of a dish of purslane which I gathered and boiled. Yet, men have come to such a pass that they starve, not for want of necessities, but for want of luxuries.” -Henry David Thoreau

Flow of Experience:
We ask you to arrive at 2:45am
Opening circle / Orientation will begin at 3:00pm
Departure is at 5:00pm


Adult $25

Teen $20

Child $15

 ***Max 20 participants*** Purchase a ticket to reserve your spot.

*More Info will be provided once registered*