Cultured Edibles Dinner Experience #2 - Sunday, August 18th - 6pm-8pm


Cultured Edibles Dinner Experience #2 - Sunday, August 18th - 6pm-8pm

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Sunday, August 18th - 6pm-8pm

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Cultured Edibles Dinner Experience

Sunday, August 18th - 6pm-8pm

Event by Loran Van Benthusen with Love Your Food.

“This dinner is about relationship and harnessing a little natural majic present in and around us all the time...and getting more delicious probiotic foods into our diets. Culinary alchemy is certainly not as complicated as some will have you believe. It’s going on around us and within us all the time, whether we interfere or not. It’s learning to invite those little organisms in. Using their services for awhile, all the while nurturing, feeding and providing a home for them...I would call that a relationship...and just another little bit of natural majic that has been given to us.

Come join us for a night of delicious cultured edibles and maybe learn just a little about geo- cultural fermentation. We begin the experience with a Raspberry Zinger Kombucha Cocktail. The Appetizers will be Kim Chi and Sauer Kraut. You will be amazed at the texture and liveliness. If you haven’t had either of these homemade, then you really haven’t had them. We will also have a Cultured Smokey Paprika Cheeze with Sixth Seed Crackers. The Entree will be Angel Hair Zucchini and Butternut Squash Pasta with a Cultured Alfredo sauce. Dressed with Zucchini Bacon, Capers, Cashew Parmesan and Arugula leaves. For Dessert we will be having Cultured Lemon Poppyseed Cheezecake.

Everyone receives all the recipes and accompanying philosophy via email after the dinner.”



One person $45 or Two people $70

***Max 20 seats*** Register to reserve your spot.

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