Animal Connection


goats, chickens, and Ducks…

As part of our nature experiences we love to include our animals.

In recent decades, an increased number of research indicates the social, psychological, and physiological benefits of animal interaction in health and education. There is a growing awareness that the connection with animals effect attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and dementia.

We have a unique setting on a rural Kansas farm. The farm is an ideal place that provides rich opportunities through the everyday activities of simple farm life. These activities are ideal for developing core strength, coordination, sensory integration, problem solving and social interaction. Special bonds between animals and people provide a motivational back drop for developing listening, direction following, behavior regulation and social awareness.

Chickens are A Source of Therapy

Move over cats and dogs, these beautiful creatures could be the next therapy animals! They’re already being used to help those with autism as well as the elderly.

Keeping chickens is seen as therapeutic for children on the autism spectrum by getting the kids involved in feeding and caring for the chickens, thereby promoting independent living skills.

They have also been used for patients with dementia and other psychiatric disorders. Because chickens are always moving around, pecking and socializing, they’re seen as calming.

Our dream is to include horses. Let us know if you would like to be part of this dream.

”At Blue River Forest School hugging chickens, eating, and getting ready for a bonfire. Kelly Daniels, her sons Ben and Sam, and their program are such a blessing to our community and children. So thankful for her and her family.”
— Rebecca Adkins Goulart

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